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Basketball Academy

San Fernando Valley Basketball Workouts are here!

If you live in the valley and want to get better, come to our gym!!!

Monday through Thursday nights from 7-9pm in the West Valley area.

Email us for details!

Check out the Team WhyNot Basketball Academy!!!

Our co-founder has been asked to help launch a new academy with the Jordan brand sponsored Team WhyNot Basketball Club!

The Team WhyNot sessions are highly intense and competitive workouts!!! More details can be found here:

Team WhyNot Basketball Club


Small Group Workouts are Still Happening!

We are still doing small group workouts!!!

Our Basketball Academy (HMBA) is currently suspended due to closures of facilities.  However, we are offering private instruction and small group workouts at outdoor parks.  Our rates are below.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a workout!



Do note that the chart above is hourly rates.  Workouts can be 1 hour, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45 or 2 hours.

You can prepay in increments of $400 and receive a 10% discount applied to any workout.  So for instance, if you prepay $400 and then have a private workout for an hour, the private will cost $72 ($80 less 10%) and that will be applied to your credit balance ($400-$72=$328 credit remaining).   We will send an accounting to you after each workout to help keep things straight.  


If you are interested in scheduling a private or small group workout with us, contact us at 424-244-1448 or

Here is the information on our HMBA, which we hope will be back as soon as facilities open up!


The HMBA is a year round program for boys and girls in grades K-8. The sessions are a mixture of skill development, strength and conditioning, and game concepts. Players are grouped by age and ability, and each group is led by a member of our professional coaching staff.

There are 3-5 sessions happening per week. Most sessions are on weeknights but occasionally we will offer a weekend series of sessions as well. Participants can attend as many sessions per week as desired. Sessions are at various schools in Mid City Los Angeles or the West Los Angeles/Venice area.  The HMBA complements our Team Program, which meets on the weekends.

Various enrollment options exist:  Players can participate in the HMBA and our Team Program simultaneously, or only our Team Program, or only participate in the HMBA.

Tuition is based on calendar months for Travel Teams and per session or blocks of session for just the HMBA. 

Players may try one session with no obligation but that session is considered the first session should a player sign up. Discounts are available for siblings.

Ready to move forward?  Here are the next steps!

  1. Consult our calendar for the next HMBA session near you.

  2. Email us at or call us at (424) 244-1448 to let us know when you are planning to attend.

  3. Download our Registration Packet and complete the Personal Information Form (only) and bring it to the gym.

Need more information? Email us at or call us (424) 244-1448.


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