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Travel Teams

Hoop Masters Team Program is for 2nd through 8th grade players and runs year round.  Our teams practice or play on the weekends and are coached by members of our professional coaching staff.

Weekend practices are normally held on the Westside/Venice area of Los Angeles.  Games are played in a variety of locales around the Los Angeles area.

Our Team Program works in conjunction with our player development program, the HMBA (Hoop Masters Basketball Academy), to provide each player with the most comprehensive and well-rounded approach to learning the game of basketball.  However, participation in the HMBA is not a requirement to playing on one of our teams.  Players can join our Team Program anytime as we are always forming new teams or may have openings on existing teams.

Players are evaluated before joining a team.  That evaluation can happen at one of our HMBA sessions or at one of our weekend team practices.  Our team practice schedule is often in flux, so if you are unable to attend an HMBA session, email us at to find out our next travel team practice.  

To attend an HMBA session, here are the next steps:

  1. Consult our calendar for the next HMBA session near you.

  2. Email us at or call us at (424) 244-1448 to let us know when you are planning to attend.

  3. Download our Registration Packet and complete the Personal Information form (only) from the packet and bring it to the gym.

Need more information? Email us at or call us (424) 244-1448.

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