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Private Instruction

Do note that the chart above is hourly rates.  Most of the workouts I have done the past few weeks were 2 hours in duration, so these rates would then be doubled in the event of a 2 hour workout.  Workouts can be 1 hour, 1:15, 1:30, 1:45 or 2 hours.


You can prepay in increments of $400 and receive a 10% discount applied to any workout.  So for instance, if you prepay $400 and then have a private workout for an hour, the private will cost $72 ($80 less 10%) and that will be applied to your credit balance ($400-$72=$328 credit remaining).  I will send an accounting to you after each workout to help keep things straight.  

If you are interested in scheduling a private or small group workout with us, contact us at 424-244-1448 or

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