Hoop Masters

Program Philosophy

 Hoop Masters is a comprehensive year-round environment that teaches as much about life as it does about basketball. The roots of our organization are in youth basketball. We see basketball as a tool – a tool that helps us build and shape young players into better people. Simply put, making better basketball players for us means making better people. Young players in our programs will be instilled with what we call My Starting Five– the five values we believe are essential to adolescence and early adulthood, which are: Persistence, Fairness, Work Ethic, Respect and Discipline. 


We are excited to announce our summer camp dates are now set! Our summer instructional camps at Santa Monica College will be on these dates:

June 25-June 29

July 9-July 13

July 30-August 3

Camp Hours are 10:30am-3:00pm daily

Camp Tuition Rates

Full Week, All Day (10:30am-3pm): $275 Full Week

Half Day (any 3 hours between 10:30am-3pm): $165 Full Week

Daily Rate, Full Day: $70

Daily Rate, Half Day: $40

This is THE CAMP if you want your son or daughter to improve.  No one does a camp like this!

Register by completing our information AND  registration forms and emailing them to us at info@hoopmasters.org

Why Hoop Masters

Because our entire program is focused on making your child a complete basketball player.  We do this by teaching a full set of skills to every player regardless of size or ability.  Not just in our workouts, but in our team program too.  Our teams are built around “position-less basketball.”  Instead of teaching players to play a specific position, we teach them to play the game from every aspect.  That includes post play, point guard play, perimeter play and every aspect in between. 

What are people saying?

Real words from real players!
a little history about..


Hoop Masters began in 1993 when John Fischer and Lauren Kelly began offering a weekly Skills Development Clinic for children ages 8-18. The clinics focused on high level skill development often reserved for high school varsity players and beyond. Parents quickly discovered that the program was very different from a typical recreation program – their children were learning how to think as well as play basketball.  Hoop Masters instructional style boosted self esteem and fostered responsibility.  Because of the success of the early Skills Clinic,  Fischer and Kelly quickly expanded its programming to include summer camps, individual workouts, traveling teams, coaches clinics, parent clinics, leagues, and tournaments.


Hoop Masters was founded in April of 1993 with a clear mission of using basketball as a means of building self-esteem in young children.

Our organization has evolved into one of the most dynamic youth basketball programs in the state.


Our players are held accountable for their behavior as part of our organization, for their efforts at home and for their academic performance.

Hoop Masters provides a positive and unique exposure to a diverse collection of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.